Invading Plunder 500 Part 2

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Invading Plunder 500 Part 2

Post by Admin on Thu Jul 13, 2017 12:46 am

Today we will talk about positioning.

There will be three class of players.
H for High class BR 40Million and above
M for Middle Class BR 20Million and above
L for Low Class BR below 20million

If you see DD, just run away, we cannot kill him. We will only be focusing on his teammate.

Everyone will be able to contribute in taking over plunder 500.  We just need to work together.
On the map, you will be able to see where everyone should be.  We need to enter Plunder 2 minutes before it start and warm up our attack.  This way we can use our ultimate before they enter.

There is reasoning behind this formation.  This protect the L players from the back as much as possible so they can gather chest fast.
While we are at it with the chest, I suggest opening the small chest first if you have a choice.  This way we insure capture of a chest.  The bigger the chest the higher risk.  We want to get as many chest as possible.

H players will be at the door to keep an eye out on anyone entering.  They will instantly attack the middle.  They will be guarding the door.  If enemy enter the door.  H player must follow them.   The other H player will help out in the middle while the door is open.

M players support H players by helping them kill.  They may get one or two chest in the beginning when the battle is not yet heated.   M player may enter the center when it is safe to get chest.  

L player are not allow in the center.  There are just too much fighting at the center.  L player must get as many chest as possible in their region.  When there is no chest left, they need to help out other region.

The next post I will be posting up the team.  Please be patience.  I know everyone is anxious in taking over Latin Gods.
We will get there with hard work and playing smart.


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