Invading Plunder 500

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Invading Plunder 500

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 12, 2017 12:35 am

Plunder 500
GARUDA will take Region 1,3,4,6,7
ImperRiaL will take Region 2, 5

Each guild will stay inside their respected region and attack only Latin Gods.
Chest inside the territory will belong to the respected Guild outline above.

Chest Phase

The main objective is to annoy DD and his team.  We will suffer heavy casualties and it is expected.
We will enter plunder 1 minute before opening and take positions, spreed out and get ready to open chest.

We will be in groups of teams. Team Leader will not be opening chest, they are responsible in harassing Latin Gods.  Weaker players will go after opening the chest.
Once someone die, they are require to go back into their assign region.

Boss Phase
First concentrate on killing the boss minions.  We will need to spreed out and not allow DD to kill us so fast.  If DD approach, run.  
If your boss died, you are allow to move to another region.  Remember the point of this attack is to annoy Latin Gods so that they don't want to play.  The more harassment, the better.

We will have a low chance in killing the boss because DD will hog it, so the boss will not belong to any guide.  I rather have an ally kill the boss than let Latin Gods get the kill.

Feel Free to make suggestion and I will update this post.


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